McCord Products, Inc.

About McCord

McCord® is recognized worldwide in the funeral industry as the premier leader in the manufacturing and distributing of youth caskets & vaults.

Our Golden Frost® composite material, used in the structural design of the casket & vault, is non-biodegradable, resistant to air and water and rated at maximum strength. Our Air-Seal Vault design is based on the scientific principle that trapped air forms a lasting seal. Knowing this, give families the "Peace of Mind" confidence they have provided the best for their loved one.

We are proud to be independent & family owned for four generations and located in Bowling Green, Ohio. "Made in the USA" by those at McCord's who take great care and pride in producing a casket & vault for our loved one.
All our products are available though your local Funeral Professional.

For those of you that have experienced a loss of a loved one, all of us at McCords extend to you and your family our deepest sympathy.